Most of the songs (Answer/Pardon Me/Really Wanna Tell You/Asshole Down) on Sea of Ethanol were recorded at home with a Senheiser e815 or a Senheiser e822s microphone (at least the “demo” part of the songs) through a Sony TC-FX430 stereo cassette deck. I edited with Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (Peter Quistgard edition) on a Sony VIAO VGE-FE41M laptop.

I used a couple of cheap acoustics bought in second hand stores and what not. Exept for ‘Island’ where I used my little brother’s Valencia, a cheap but also kinda awesome guitar. Recorded on a 2006 Mac Mini running WinXP (bootcamp) again with Cool Edit Pro this time with a SM57 microphone (vocals and guitar) at his house. Hmm no maybe I did ‘Answer’ on it aswell.. nevermind.

Additional recordings were done at Uncle Pete’s (producer) boat studio. Most of the recording gear Pete uses is unclear to me and I’m gonna ask him about it one day. I know we recorded/mixed/edited with Ableton on a Vista or Win7 OS. Oh yes and the magestic SSL staring you right in the face when you enter his studio. Some mixes were sent through that baby but definitely not all. We wrote and recorded ‘K-Hole’ there with a ’62 Fender Jaguar.

Some of the songs (Pretty Good/Better One/Candles/Wake me Up) and more additional recordings were done at Satisfactory Studio on a old Macintosh machine and pretty sweet microphones with Pro Tools in the control room. I was totally confused because I was used to work with Cool Edit Pro. All those hours of figuring out the patch bay, pre-amps and phantom power. There were some cool guitars laying around like a Martin acoustic (don’t know which model), ’65 Jazzmaster, a shit load of Telecasters and that weird looking frankenstein 12 string telecaster I used for ‘Candles’. I used a Vox AC30 amp alot but sometimes a Piggy Bass amp which sounded pretty good to me. Allways with a AKG C414. They’ve upgraded a lot in there. It’s a pretty decent studio now.

To be honest.. these songs are pretty old material. The chorus for ‘Answer’ has been floating around since 2010 and completed in 2012. ‘Sexy Pants’ has been around since 2009 in a couple of different shapes and bpm (click here). ‘Asshole Down’ was recorded as a joke for my friend Thomas Aram in 2011. ‘Really’ and ‘Pardon’ were recorded in my parent’s garage in 2014. And ofcourse I’ve been writing/recording with Uncle Pete for a couple of years now. There’s loads of unreleased/unfinished material on his hard disks. Some if it will get out but most of it is kinda weird..