budapest we were inside you

we flew in for a change. usually we drive in our stinky awesome van. to be honest I have some issues with flying these days. “just don’t fly high or with a hangover and it’ll be fine” I tell myself but I never listen. anyways. very nice city. I’ve been there once for a Sziget Festival trip years ago. Most of you know what the fuck that means..

We opened for the band ‘Trillion’ in the A38. A boat in the river. Used to be a freight ship I think. Should google some info about it but I’m lazy so do it yerself. Nice (and some of them very very humble.. almost shy) A38 crew. Did an interview before the show and then rocked that boat. Cool crowd. We met some nice people. We’re also nice people. After we went shit bananas in the city ofcourse because why not.
Remember: don’t fly with a hangover, Chino, it’ll mess you up fool!