germany & prague w de staat

a little late but still… some pics (c: alotta pics!) and a story needed to be shared… i only just re-discovered my nikon cam, so there u go. analogue pics below!

first up was wiesbaden, germany. a 5 hour drive from Amsterdam. when we arrived at te venue we met ‘de staat’ crew, all good peeps. it was a long time ago that we had such a relaxed time schedule in a club, we just did 60 festival shows, nd i can tell you one thing… those are everything but relaxing;) our show was cool (thank u people for rockin out) and afterwards we checked out de staat show (duh) and enjoyed the shit out of it. we never sold as many cd’s and lp’s as in wiesbaden!! loving the crowd there. when the gear was safe and back in the van we spent hours talkin laughin skatin and maybe sum screamin outside with all the staat crew. in the hotel we partied on just the four of us. we tried to explain the game ‘toepen’ to chino but it had no use…. definitely bedtime. early next mornin we drove another 5 hours to münchen to do a radio show and hurry to the next venue ‘strom’. tried to enjoy our indian curry’s at dinner with a hangover, met some dutch guys who came to check us out and drank some more beers. after the show we had to leave straight away, we were gonna drive an all-nighter to prague! we arrived at our czech hostel at 5 in the mornin and had a beer to celebrate (mostly bob our ‘bob’, thank u very much). the next day we had all the time to check (czech [oeh that’s bad]) out the city. by total coincidence we met torre, vedran and rocco at the ‘gigantic babies’. don’t know the gigantic babies? google it. anyways, we made a quick get away to the nearest absyntherie and felt our heads explode. we reaaaally had to go for sum dinner after that and ate with all the crew together. then more bars. and maybe some more. i had the worst hangover of the whole gang and maaaaybe i didn’t do so much lifting-of-the-gear the next day at the venue. that might have happened. at the terror gig in the punk venue ‘klub 007’ we sold literally one cd to this polish guy who came all the way to see de staat. i might have made up a certain amount of czech valuta in crowns with which we bought up the entire local supermarket for snacks nd drinks for the loooong way home. after what felt like a day driving (10 hours) we arrived at 08.30 in the morning in amsterdam. slept two hours and had to make our way to the 3voor12 awards again.
so there. all the love to the staat and crew, and to u of course…

xx- J // iA