indian askin is one of the first 28 artists confirmed for eurosonic noorderlsag 2017! we’re very happy and flatulent eehh flattered that 3fm supported us. thanks a bunch. we kicked off an amazing year with ESNS 2016 so let’s do that again in 2017..

“We always see a number of acts standing out each year,” says Eurosonic booker Robert Meijerink. “Of the bands playing at the 2016 edition of Eurosonic, Norwegian singer AURORA and Belgian act Lost Frequencies have done incredibly well over the last year. They really broke through internationally.” Creative director Peter Smidt concludes: “That is exactly what Eurosonic Noorderslag stands for. Giving bands who have a certain success in their home countries a push to break through internationally. And the EBU stations are very important for that.’
Laurent Marceau, in charge of pop music at Euroradio (EBU) complimented Eurosonic Noorderslag: “For us, this is the event to discover what happens with bands and acts in other European countries. Eurosonic always brings an edgy programme together, one that always reflects the state of pop music across a broad range of European countries, as well as on European radio. We are really proud the European Broadcasting Union is part of this unique event.”

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