what the hell did we do in Pegnitz

1 show / 2 interviews / 1 clipshoot / 1 luge run / countless beers / 3 hangovers / 19 hours of driving / 1 new best friend

[EDIT TUE 16 AUG 2016]
after countless hours of roadtrippin in the dirtiest band van in Europe we landed in Pegnitz, Germany. this is, ofcourse, the magestic land of beers. we came (hehe) a day early for some reason and decided to do some research that night. after we met our contact for Waldstock Festival he introduced us to the “taxi driver” who’d be driving us to the hotel and back to the festival. this guy is a legend (see the last two pics). a legend because we decided he was. his name is HOFI. *quick side note* i’m writing this a month later so i’m just gonna tell you what I remember and that’s mostly HOFI.
in the first picture you can see how excited we were to be there. Ferry is fit and smiling holding his pint. good times! I think 2 minutes after that picture was taken Ferry asked him if it didn’t bother him all the bands were gonna be weird and drunk in his car and he answered accordingly in a German accent: “I believe one can have a party without zhe alcohol”. after which we ditched the guy because that was a total buzzkill. remember, we didn’t have to play that night so we went all in and got totally shit faced. I remember people staring at us and I remember a lot of screaming. mostly pouring our own beers in the backstage that was fun. HOFI drove us back to the hotel at some point and I remember Ferry asking me to ask HOFI if he ever hit a deer. I sat behind him and Ferry all the way in the back of this soccer mom esque car. HOFI said no but he might have run over a rabbit once. I laughed. everybody laughed good times.
the next day we knew what the deal was: play the show pack yer shit and party some more. and so we did. history was being made. or so it seemed to me at the time. there’s some uncut iPhone footage of us talking shit and dancing and some more screaming. that night I went too far and blacked out. I have a vague flash where I asked if HOFI could pull the car over because I had to puke again. I evidently projectile vomited over almost every piece of grass on the festival so that’s that.
the next day we knew again what the f-ing deal was. we brought Jiri Loozen with a camera and no script. wait before we go any further look at the second picture with HOFI and Ferry. Ferry can’t even get his thumb all the way up. HOFI is KILLING IT again.. not a care in the world. we went back to the festival terrain to look voor Jiri’s phone cuz he lost it. we hoped we could see HOFI one last time for a picture moment.. and we did!
we had to shoot the god damn video that day and drive all the way back to Amsterdam. some how we survived that day and made at least 3 good shots. believe me it was over 35 degrees Celsius out there. no hungover human can function properly.. we saw some crazy places out there and tried to save a kitty. in the end I’m really happy we roadtripped all the way over there and had this crazy adventure (maybe some day I’ll tell/show you more).. and lived.
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here’s a link to one of the interviews we did if u like to check it (yes in German, I know):

Waldstock #23

we’ll be on the road non stop this summer but we love ourselves some German beers! more on the clipshoot we did later, we want that to be a surprise…

cu soon, thanks for readin…