we had a blast!

thanks to all who came and who came to the shows!!
we rocked 5 of them this saturday. three instores for record store day, 1 sold out release show at Bitterzoet and 1 secret afterparty.

– the 3 instores were fun.. we hit Gouda, Delft and Amsterdam. (we even scored some free vinyl records in Gouda, thx man)

– the release show at Bitterzoet was loud.. so loud I think we hit the brown note there. my brother (and also doppelganger) came on stage right before ‘really wanna tell you’ as a surprise and held a little speech there. super fun and kinda awkward at times but thanks man. yer comedy carreer starts here! also, the piñata is no more. can’t remember who caught which part of the unicorn but have fun with it!

– the after party was insane. Ferry came up to me at one point and said: “do you fucking realize this is OUR party? they’re here for us man! this is the kind of party I want to go to!” all our friends were there rocking the fuck out and slamming free jäger shots and everything. super fun times.. there was a 2nd after party but I can’t really tell you about that one right now..

we wanna thank the awesome crew for making it go smooth AF (especially Bob the tourmanager who kept his cool all day)

here’s some pictures (in random order) for ya..