listen to the second sweet ass playlist by chino

cypress hill – i wanna get high

everybody wants to get high. and cypress hill rules period.

eagles of death metal – wannabe in LA

everybody wants to be in LA. it’s where it’s at!
these guys allways have good grooves and riffs. catchy as fuck.
this song is stuck in my head forever! diggin’ that bass sound.

creedence clearwater revival – born on the bayou

speaking of grooves and riffs. wtf. can’t deny this one!
I’m such a big fan. you know the cliché’s:
born to late, my dad’s records, whatever.
fuck that. this music rocks and it’s timeless.
I could easily just play CCR records back to back
instead of makin’ this playlist..

black rebel motorcycle club – spread your love

I went to every show in Amsterdam. saw them grow.
from shoe gazers to full blown rock stars with attitude.
as much as I love their new stuff their old work is still amazing.
again, such a great bass sound. good licks.
it’s a shame Nick Jago had to go.
still don’t fully understand wtf was up.
shook his hand once and never washed it.

soundgarden – a thousand days before

Soundgarden is (still) fucking the shit man. damn.
was sceptic at first when they dropped their album ‘King Animal’
after 16 years of silence. but man oh man they still have it.
Kim Thayill allways gets to me with his guitar playin.
love to hear them do what they do how they do a decade later.

a place to bury strangers – dead beat

heres one to wake you up fool!
love me some noise. aptbs is a great noise band.
cant remember where I heard about them first.
I guess through friends or something.
did you know they make those cool Death by Audio pedals?
haha yeah you do now!
love it when it starts out as a surf kinda thing and then BOOM.
in yer face.. ppphhhiihissssfgggsgsggghhhhhhjh!
love the bass in this one aswell.
I think the playlist is more of a bassguitar tribute. lol.

the dandy warhols – cool as kim deal

thank you dandys. I thank you for all your records and shit.
and that super cool docu ‘DIG!’ remember that one?
srsly. dandy’s rule, ok?

electric flower group – eclipsed

Imaad Wasif and Josh Garza. liked them both seperately.
Imaad’s solo stuff and Josh in the Secret Machines.
like the roomy drumsound. good riffs.
LA based.. (it’s where it’s at man!).
this is when they didn’t have a bass player. I don’t miss it in the song.
Jasja: “the song never lands because there’s no bass,
sounds like an never ending intro”
as a fan boy I don’t want to type more
cuz I’ll bore you for a couple of hours.
I like the song. fuck it.

the secret machines – daddy’s in the doldrums

good groove going on. like the darkness.
like it cuz it’s also a little krautrock.
well, most of their other work is kraut.
but you hear the repetitiveness of the groove.
most people dont like benjamins voice but im diggin it.
listened to all their albums
a thousand times and I’m still excited everytime I put em on.

wooden shjips – shrinking moon for you

krauty as fuck. why change the groove/riff when it rocks?
throw in some noise and this boy is happy.
cant remember where i heard this for the first time.
internet..? you know how it goes:
click click click away on youtube or whatever..
or you’ll find cat vids (mostly) or you stumble upon great music
what’s he singin’ about you ask? i dunno. who cares!
I often hear this bass riff in my head when I wake up.

the dandy warhols – i love you

Dandy Warhols once in the playlist? no no no no!
like Chuck Norris who counted to infinity.. TWICE!
gotta love the dandy warhols.
good awkward love story lyrics and fuzzy warm guitars.
fuck you if you don’t like the dandys. we’ll never be friends.
i love you too ctt..

cypress hill – light another

TWICE I tell ya! *insert joke again with good timing*
everybody wants to light another!
take it from me, I’m a scientist. I know things..
B-Real has such a great voice. it doesn’t even matter what he says.
yer nodding yer head anyway to those funky beats.

father john misty – hollywood forever cemetery sings

do you know who this guy is?
it’s father john! no his name is Josh Tillman.
you probably know him as the drummer from Fleet Foxes
but I never liked that shit.
FJM is my hero. if I could be anyone in this world it would be him.
great songs. great persona.
this guy also moved to LA.. it’s where it’s at man!
his touring band for this album was fucking epic.
don’t know what to think of his new personnel.
I demand Jeffertitti back on bass!!
his band fucking kicks ass.
and that’s where I’m gonna close this playlist with..

jeffertitti’s nile – only human

[edit: Chino is rocking out now so no more typin’..]