The band has seen many shapes and forms since 2007 consisting of many different band members revolving around songwriter (and all round nice guy) Chino Ayala until 2014 when the band as we know it today reached it’s magical form with wildebeest Ferry Kunst on drums, Jasja J Offermans on bass and Bart “bartje” van der Elst on keys and guitar.
as a joke the term “nu-punk” came about which has nothing to do with the style of music chino recorded and/or they play live.
in 2015 chino and producer peter kriek finished the album ‘sea of ethanol’ which was released in april 2016.

some nice words by a guy who knows his shit:

Seldom does a debut string of releases garner the acclaim and commercial success that Amsterdam psych-pop outfit Indian Askin experienced in 2016, their debut album ‘Sea Of Ethanol’ rocketing to number 8 on the hotly contested Dutch charts. Their musical stylings is predicating on celebrating the greatest elements of illustrious acts, while ensuring the resulting sound is something fresh and new. Their album cuts like ‘Asshole Down’ and ‘Better One’ are unafraid to weave moments of patience into the nu-punk chaos, making the big payoffs all the more special. Next on the group’s agenda is taking the elements that fostered success in their homeland, and make them stick on a global scale.

In 2017 the band released a 7″ with the song “drinkin time” and b-side “crazy” in collaboration with ‘Paradiso Vinyl Club‘.
Many songs were written that year and recorded for the second album which will see the light of day pretty soon.. soon…

Just between you and me.. can you keep a little secret? You will hear new stuff in 2018.. but don’t tell anyone, ok?

– Admin